Perfect Golf Grip

Perfecting Golf
One Grip at a Time

"The grip is the most essential part of the swing"
-Arnold Palmer

the first and only complete gripping product that's

legal for competitive play!

How it Works

The Perfect Golf Grip includes one glove, one grip, and instructional app​

There are four colors on the glove which correspond to four colors on the grip​

Follow these instructions to properly match the colors on the glove and grip

Immediately boost confidence by owning a professional golfer's grip

Personal One-on-One Support

Unlimited access to instructional materials, downloadable to your device

Live one-on-one support to jump start your connection to the club

Instructional content updated monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the grip important?

Your hands are the only connection you will have to the club. It absolutely must be perfect.

Is this product legal in competitive play?

Yes! The Perfect Golf Grip conforms with the rules of golf.

How long can I expect the glove and grip to last?

Provided the clubs are kept in a cool environment, the grips can last up to a year. Depending on usage, color loss may occur after several months. The glove will last several months and the colors may fade over time.

How does the Perfect Golf Grip work?

We all know how complicated golf can be. The Perfect Golf Grip is easy! Simply match the four colors on the glove to the four colors on the grip.

How do you re-grip the club?

You can take your club and grip to your local golf professional or golf shop to be fitted. If you have the correct equipment, you can do it yourself. We recommend you view the Proper Fitting page and follow the instructions.

Can I apply the grip on all my clubs?

Yes. The Perfect Golf Grip has a package that provides a full set for all clubs.

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