Perfect Golf Grip, the world's first rules-conforming hand alignment glove and grip for golfers.

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Color Match System

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"I have given thousands of lessons. The first thing you always check is the student’s grip. That’s when I came up with Perfect Golf Grip, a very simple solution to master a perfect grip on every club, every time."

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Former Division I Golfer at University of Kentucky • 2005 SEC Champions

Craft the perfect swing with precision.

Creates Consistent Alignment
Markings on hand and grip assists exact hand placement, every time.
Improve shot control
Progressive grip transformation reduces slice and improves shot accuracy.
Boosts confidence
Greater grip stability enhances your confidence on the course.
User Friendly

The simple-to-use design makes Perfect Grip easy for any level of golfer.

'Dramatically improved my handicap in no time.'

Pamela Hughes
Amateur golfer and golf club member.
Pamela struggled initially with maintaining a consistent grip and hit, resulting in erratic shots and scores. Since using Perfect Grip, she noticed an immediate improvement in her shots. It helped her produce a consistent, strong grip resulting in more accurate and further shots. After just 4 weeks of using Perfect Grip, her handicap reduced by 30%, a significant leap for any golfer.
Pamela Hughes' story
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Perfect Golf Grip - Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing your concerns about Perfect Grip
Can I use Perfect Golf Grip in tournaments?

Absolutely, Perfect Grip conforms to the rules of golf and is tournament legal.

Is Perfect Golf Grip suitable for me?

Yes, Perfect Grip is designed to aid both beginners and experienced players with perfect and consistent alignment.

Will Perfect Golf Grip improve my shots?

Perfect Grip improves shot alignment, consistency, and control.

How does the color match system work?
Simply align the colored markings on the glove and the grip.
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