Proper Fitting / Regripping

How to Replace Golf Grips with the Perfect Golf Grip

To replace golf grips, you’ll need the following:

  • Golf club
  • The Perfect Golf Grip
  • Vice/Rubber Vice Clamp
  • Straight blade/stripper(hook blade for graphite shafts)
  • Double-sided grip tape
  • Cloth
  • Mineral spirits
  • Golf tee
  • Funnel
  • Tray

Step 1

Place your club in a vise with the club face perpendicular to the ground. You can protect the shaft by using a rubber vice clamp near the tip of the grip.

Step 2

Using a straight blade or stripper (or hook blade for graphite shafts), remove the existing grip from the club. Remember to cut away from yourself. Now take off the old grip, as well as any excess tape or residue, with a cloth and mineral spirits.

Step 3

Use your new Perfect Golf Grip to measure how much grip tape you will need to use.

Step 4

The next step in replacing golf grips is deciding which grip tape to use: ¾” or 2” double sided. If you choose 3/4″ tape, wrap the tape to the top of the shaft in a spiral formation. If you’re using 2″ tape, wrap the tape around the shaft. Take off the backing cover and use additional tape to cover the end of the shaft, so it’s easier to slide on the grip.

Step 5

Block the vent hole with a golf tee, and pour a liberal amount of mineral spirits into the grip. To prevent spillage, you can use a funnel. Then, using your hand, close the open end of the grip and shake the grip so the mineral spirits can cover the entire inside of the grip.

Step 6

Remove the tee. Pour the mineral spirits through the vent hole to completely cover the double-sided grip tape. To catch excess liquid, place a tray under the club.

Step 7

Make sure the club face is still square, and slide the open end of the grip over the butt of the club. While the grip tape is still wet, check to see that the alignment line and The Perfect Golf Grip logo are on top of the club. Slide the grip all the way onto the shaft, making sure the butt end of the grip lies against the butt end of the shaft.

Step 8

With a little time to line up your grip, check that the alignment lines at both ends of the grip are on top of the shaft. Use The Perfect Golf Grip logo to guide you. It’s critical to get the alignment right in order to match the grip and glove together later.

Step 9

Let the new grip dry for several hours. Once it’s fully dry, you can remove any excess residue on the shaft with a cloth and mineral spirits.Your newly gripped club is ready to use.