How it Works

How it Works

The majority of golfers tend to have a weak golf grip. 
The effect: shorter shots that will slice to the right.
The average professional golfer has a stronger grip, held more in the fingers.
The Perfect Golf Grip is built to the exact specifications of a professional golfer.
The average golfer will never have a professional golf swing.
However, with the Perfect Golf Grip, you’re guaranteed to own a professional golfer’s grip.
Perfect Golf Grip


Step 1: Point club face toward the sky

Keep the club out in front of you with the club face square-vertical leading edge and the butt of the grip pointed at your belt buckle. Logo should be visible.

Step 2: Start matching the colors

While maintaining the club square, do not turn club with right hand in search of the colors. Bring the gloved hand to the club. Match the red and the blue dots first. Do this without twisting the club — keep it square. The red and blue are the key colors. Yellow is a guide and is not meant for the colors to touch. This promotes keeping the club in your fingers, and not your palm.

Step 3:

Bring the green on your thumb to the green on the grip. Your thumb should not be flat but slightly pinching with the knuckle of the thumb.

Step 4: Alignment

STEP 4: Make sure the crease between index finger and thumb is pointing towards your right shoulder.

Step 5: Perfect your swing with a perfect golf grip

The gloveless hand then fits naturally onto the club. Interlock or overlap grips, whichever is more comfortable.


Take your golf club(s) to your nearest golf pro shop and they’ll set you up with your Perfect Golf Grip in no time. The green lines on the top and bottom of the grip should line up with a square club face.

Click here to learn more about proper fitting and re-gripping.