Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product legal in competitive play?

Yes! The Perfect Golf Grip conforms with the rules of golf.

Why is the grip important?

Your hands are the only connection you will have to the club. It absolutely must be perfect.

How does the Perfect Golf Grip work?

We all know how complicated golf can be. The Perfect Golf Grip is easy! Simply match the four colors on the glove to the four colors on the grip.

What is the best way to grip the club?

With a neutral grip. Most amateurs have a weak grip which promotes a slice, so this grip may feel a bit strong. This product was created and tested by PGA teaching and playing professionals and WILL deliver the perfect grip once applied correctly. Most professionals will also overlap or interlock.

How do you regrip the club?

You can take your club and grip to your local golf professional or golf shop to be fitted. If you have the correct equipment, you can do it yourself.  We recommend you view the Proper Fitting page and follow the instructions.

How do I know the glove and grip are right for my clubs?

The grips will fit onto any club. The glove needs to be the correct size for you. Use the sizing chart on this site to find the correct glove size. If you are new to golf, go to your local golf shop and try on a few gloves. Remember that the glove needs to be nice and tight.

What club do you recommend I apply the grip on?

Any mid-iron would be best.

Can I apply the grip on all my clubs?

Yes. The Perfect Golf Grip has a package that provides a full set for all clubs.

How can I be sure I am applying the correct gripping process?

It’s vital that the instructions provided on the How to Grip page are followed exactly. Please watch the video or follow the four picture tutorial on that page for proper grip application.

Who developed the product?

The Perfect Golf Grip was originally developed by PGA professional Gareth Edwards. Gareth then joined forces with golf professionals Chris Dimarco and Brian Mogg to complete the final design.

How long can I expect the glove and grip to last?

The Perfect Golf Grip glove and grip last as well as other premium gloves and grips.  With all gloves and grips, how long they last depends on how often you use the glove and grip and where you store them during non-play. Make sure the clubs and gloves always remains in a cool environment during non-play. If you play three times a week, you should easily get 3-5 months use for the glove and 4-7 months use for the grip.

How can I find out more about The Perfect Golf Grip?

We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Where I can find more golf grip tips?

Once you own a the Perfect Golf Grip you will not need any more tips for you golf grip!! However, check out our social media accounts and website for updated content, videos and more.

How many golf grips do I need?

The training aid comes with one grip and one club. Perfect Golf Grip conforms to the rules of golf so you can put one on all of your clubs and play competitive tournament golf.

Where can I submit photos or videos of my experience with Perfect Golf Grip?

You can post photos and videos on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts.