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Golf Grip Tips: Perfect Your Golf Grip, Hit Straighter Shots, Improve Your Game

Without the proper golf grip, you’re bound to embarrass yourself on the course in front of your buddies. If you’re taking your boss or a potential client out for a business meeting on the links, and you forget to be on your best grip behavior, forget it, you’ll be out of a job real soon. Heed these X golf grip tips to hit stronger and straighter shots, impress your buddies and colleagues, and 10x your confidence in no time.

5 Golf Grip Tips

The proper golf club grip is essential for stronger and straighter shots. Follow these 5 tips to improve your game immediately.

Start with your left hand 

Assuming you’re right-handed, you’ll want to first place your left hand on the grip. Your left hand should be down the club at least an inch. You’ll then place the right hand over your left in an interlocking or overlapping grip, whichever is most comfortable.

Maintain very loose pressure

On a scale of 1 to 10, the pressure of your hands on the club should be about a 4. 

Left hand should show 2.5 to 3 knuckles

Once you decide on the most fitting grip for your game, there should be two to three knuckles from your left hand popping out under your overlapping or interlocking right hand.

Make sure the grip is in your fingers 

You should not be holding the grip in your palms. Instead it should line up with your middle knuckles.

Your golf grip is your only link to the club – Make it Perfect!

Your grip is the only place your hand touches the golf club, and ultimately the only source of control your body has over the destiny of the golf ball.

Golf grip tips: video summary

Learn a thing or two on golf grip tips from pro golfer Chris DiMarco.

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How to use the Perfect Golf Grip and achieve a professional golfer’s grip every time

The Perfect Golf Grip is a simple and easy-to-use new training aid which gives golfers the perfect grip every time!

How to have a perfect golf grip

The the brain-work out of your swing and simplify your game with the help of the Perfect Golf Grip. Clear your mind and focus on other aspects of the swing — focus on your stance, your posture, your back-swing — anything but the grip, because the grip is already perfect, every time!

Professional golfers test out the Perfect Golf Grip

Check out this video to see what professionals Brian Mogg and Chris DiMarco have to say about the Perfect Golf Grip.

The Perfect Golf Grip is prefect for golfers at any playing level. Amateur golfers can train with the Perfect Golf Grip to achieve the proper grip from the beginning. Experienced players can practice with the Perfect Golf Grip to correct an improper or sloppy grip.

Perfect golf grip: Consistency is key

Consistency is key in golf, and with this training aid you will consistently have the proper grip without thinking about it. Best of all, the Perfect Golf Grip is not only a training aid. In fact, it conforms with the rules of golf and is legal for competitive play.

So grab your Perfect Golf Grip now! Simply match the colors — red and blue are high priority, and then close the hand to match the yellow and green. You’ll see the results immediately!